Montage Beslag

Procon displacements are matched to the drum motors and idler pulleys. They allow in addition to a cost-effective installation of drive and deflection in the scaffolding and a simple and quick installation.

All Procon relocations are made of stainless steel as standard. The open construction of the displacement allows for optimal cleaning of the displacement unit.

1 set of engine displacements consists of a left and a right transfer head. The displacement head on the electrical connection side has a tight stop - PDF catalog pages.

The stub axle of the drum motor on the opposite side of the electrical connection is provided with threaded holes when using displacements. Here, the supplied adjusting screw (including counter nut) is screwed in, with which the axis position of the motor can be aligned (belt movement!). The displacement head on this page has a longer guide groove for this purpose - see PDF catalog pages. The setscrew and locknut are also made of stainless steel.

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